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Objectives Of The Union

1. To secure the complete organisation of workers who are employed in petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries in the Republic of Singapore.

2. To obtain and maintain just and proper terms and conditions of employment.

3. To protect and promote the interests and welfare of members.

4. To regulate the relationship between employer and employee, between members and other workers, and between one member and another and to endeavor to adjust any differences between them by amicable and conciliatory means.

5. To provide, if decided upon by a General Council Conference of the Union, such benefits as victimization pay or trade dispute pay.

6. To affiliate with and to further the work or purpose of any national or international organisations which seeks among other things, to promote trade unionism and or welfare of labour, subject to the relevant provisions to the Trade Unions Act governing the use of trade union funds and to become a member of the Singapore Labour Foundation.

7. To establish and operate, or participate in such enterprise or co-operative scheme set up by NTUC under any written law as the Executive Council may deem desirable for any purpose of the Union or the furtherance of the trade union movement.

8. And generally to do all that is necessary conducive or incidental to the attainment of any of the foregoing objects of the Union.