Rules & Regulations

(UWPI Constitution Section 3)

Constitution Section 3 - 1


1. (i) The membership of this Union shall consist of Ordinary members, Ordinary (General) Members and Associate Members.

(ii) The ordinary membership of the Union is open to all workers who have attained the age of 16 years and who are employed in any petroleum, petro-chemical and allied industries in the Republic of Singapore.

(iii) Ordinary (general) membership of this Union is open to all persons who are eligible to be ordinary members of the Union but who are unable to be represented for the time being by the Union vis-a-vis their employers from whatever cause, provided that they are not members of any other registered trade union of employees.

(iv) In this Constitution, every reference to Ordinary Members shall include a reference to Ordinary (General) Members unless it is expressly other wise stated or it is clearly not permitted by the context.

Constitution Section 3 - 2

2. The associate membership of the Union shall be confined to the following persons:-

(i) the spouse and children of ordinary members all of whom shall be known as associate members (family);

(ii) persons who have been ordinary members of this Union up to the date of their retirement all of whom shall be known as associate members (extraordinary).

Provided always that the persons concerned are ineligible for the ordinary membership or Ordinary (general) Membership of this or any other Union affiliated to the NTUC.

(iii) All associate members shall not be permitted or required to participate in any industrial matter or action and shall have no voice or vote in the management of the Union.

Constitution Section 3 - 3

3. Application for membership shall be made in the prescribed form, which shall wherever applicable, include an authorization for the check-off of subsequent monthly subscription and, if any, levies.

The duly completed application form together with the entrance fee and the first monthly subscription shall be submitted to the Secretary of the relevant Branch. If the Branch Committee recommends the application, the Branch Secretary shall forward it to the General Secretary who shall table it for the decision of the Executive Council at its next meeting. The Executive Council may at its discretion, approve or reject any application without assigning any reason therefore.

Constitution Section 3 - 4
4. Every applicant, whose application has been approved by the Executive Council shall be registered by the General Secretary in this List of Membership of the Union and issued with a Membership Card.
Constitution Section 3 - 5

5. (i) The Executive Council may appoint any person who has rendered, renders or is likely to render outstanding service to The Union or the Trade Union movement in Singapore to be a honorary member of the Union.

(ii) Honorary members shall be entitled to the ordinary privilege of membership, including the right to attend and participate at General Meeting of members of the Union excluding the right to vote or take part in the management of the affairs of the Union other than as trustees thereof. They shall not be required to contribute to the funds of the Union.

UWPI Benefit Scheme


Every member who contract his/her first legal marriage shall be entitled to a payment of $50 or gift voucher amounting to $50 on production of a copy of a marriage certificate or any other documentary proof approved by the Executive Council.


A sum of $50 or gift or gift voucher amounting to $50 will be given to member on the occasion of birth of his/her child on the production of documentary proof.


PSLE- $60
‘O’ LEVEL- $120
‘A’ LEVEL(2 'A'/2 'O'/GP)- $180
A member who is hospitalized shall receive a fruit and/or floral basket costing about $70 from the Union. The member or his/her representative should inform the Union, if he or she is hospitalized.

Benefits payable on the death of an ordinary member shall be paid to his/her nominee or, in the absence of such nominee, legal representative.

Where the nominee has died or cannot be contacted for any reason whatsoever and where no legal representative has been appointed, the benefits payable under the Scheme in respect of a deceased member shall be paid to the next-of-kin of the deceased member.

The receipt signed by such nominee or any other authorized person shall be conclusive evidence of the payment of all the benefits under the Scheme payable in respect of the deceased member. The union will pay based on NTUC Gift Plus.


In an event of death of dependants of a member, an amount of $50 will be given on production of a certified copy of a death certificate and other documents that established the relationship between the dependant and the member. For the purpose of understanding, the term dependant shall be referred to his or her parents and children of the member. The Union will pay for the death of his/her spouse based on the NTUC Gift Plus.